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cat and dog

Susan Mack trained as a professional chef, and owned and operated Wine and Roses, a restaurant in Edmonton, Canada. Following a serious illness, she tried Reiki and became so impressed with its ability to heal that she became a Reiki student (Usui Shiki Ryoho). Immediately, the cats and dogs of family and friends started putting themselves under her hands to receive the healing energy. So at their recommendation, she started Reiki for Pets, an outcall practice exclusively serving pets and their people since 1994. Each year she provides over 2,000 Reiki sessions, continually learning from the pet themselves. She became a Reiki Master/Teacher in 2000 (Traditional Japanese Reiki). She continues her practice as an independent Master, unaffiliated with any Reiki school.

As a Reiki Teacher, Susan accepts students interested in working with their own pets. She conducts individualized courses, often in the pet's home. She also taught a pet-oriented Reiki class in the Continuing Education Division of Edmonton Public Schools. She may be contacted by email (susan@reikiforpets.ca).

Susan has written a column on pets for the Reiki Practitioners'™ Association Newsletter since that column's inception in 1995 until 2006. Her work has been featured on local and national television, radio, newspapers and magazines. For example, her work was the focus of the front-page feature of the Living Section of an issue of the Edmonton Journal (1997). She was the first pet-oriented practitioner to be the subject of a detailed interview in Reiki Magazine International (1999). And her work was mentioned in Dog Fancy (2001). She was the subject of a special feature by ACCESS TV/Canadian Learning Television.

Susan's book "My Teachers wear Fur Coats" and co-authored with Natalia Krawetz was published in 2007 by Ozark Mountain Publishing (https://www.ozarkmt.com). A quick overview from the publsher describes the book as follows:

"What Reiki Master Susan Mack has learned from thousands of sessions with the highest authorities on the subject - the cats and dogs with whom she works. Without the use of speech they show her what helps or hinders their well-being.
The stories of several pets describe the ways Reiki is a spiritual practice, offering lessons on such topics as the importance of attention, the virtue of perseverance, and the ego crushing blows of limitation.
Include Reiki for your pets, both as a form of health care and spiritual connection. Understand the significance of what we tend to take for granted - the power of a simple practice, carried out with commitment and love. The amazing Power of Touch.

Susan has lived her life surrounded by pets: dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, turtles, birds, and an earthworm called Arnold. She shares her home in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada with her mixed-breed cats, Christmas Blessing, Indigo, Social, Jake and Hunter, and her retired show dog Brio (American Champion Braewood Allegro con Brio).