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SocialLarge fluffy snowflakes are gently falling as I watch them through my window. My thoughts go to Social my grey and white tabby who died unexpectedly on February 26, 2018. He was 13 and a half and a true gift. Social loved large fluffy snowflakes. He would sit with big incredulous eyes and watch them for hours. If it was warm enough for the enclosure to be open, social would actually sit outside purring and watch them. They made him very happy.

He was a gentle soul who cognitively remained a kitten. My beautiful Kahlua adopted him when he moved in and claimed him as her kitten. He was physically an adult but she knew the truth. She taught him to play with toys, cared for him and protected him until her death in 2014. Social had a very difficult time coping with her death. His world was shattered.

My other cats stepped forward to take care of him. With their support, flower essences, homeopathics, reiki and love, he came through


Social had a huge purr and his vocalization was a long mournful cry. Vet staff always knew when he arrived.. They would hear his cry, laugh and say "Social is here!". He could make anyone smile. You could be in the deepest despair and he would purr, knead and look at you with his big green eyes and you had to smile. He was a healer.

I met him as a kitten. He lived across the road with people who did not believe in neutering. As he got older he began to spray and they locked him out. They would not agree to signing him over, so no one could legally take him in. Social was a very sad boy.

When I would get home, there would be a commotion up the road. It was Social calling as loud as he could while he ran towards me as fast as he could. I would wait and then pick him up and listen as he tried to tell me about his day while purring loudly. That winter he slept in an igloo in my yard. In March we had a large dump of snow overnight. He had had enough. A week earlier at minus 28 someone had thrown water on him. He came back with frozen fur and and a face of despair. Now he was done. He asked to move in and I let him walk in the door.

Social quickly became part of the family. Kahlua adopted him and we were all blessed by his joining us. He loved water and would provide my neighbours and myself with entertainment on rainy days. He would sit out in the enclosure, tip his head back and try to drink the rain. Then he would start catching the rain on his paws and begin bathing. Social was having a shower! Now, I can watch the video I shot of this.

I miss my Social. I love him so much. I would wake up dreaming of big machinery to find Social laying by my head purring loudly. When I got up he would insist on getting into the sink to play with the water. Breakfast was watching him try to eat, knead and purr in happiness all at the same time. You just had to smile.

I know Social is back with his Mama Kahlua. As I grieve I remember them both. I remember his wonderment and his sense of joy. I remember Social and I smile.


Kahlua's birthdayJuly 10, 1996 I was in the cat section of the Edmonton S.P.C.A. when a beautiful Siamese cross named Kahlua hit me in the forehead with a lightning bolt.I began shaking and my face became pale. Kahlua was making sure she got my attention.

I ran to the office of the executive director and could only say 'the cat". Seeing me physically shaking and so pale, she ran looking for the cat who must be in distress. I showed her Kahlua, who was NOT in distress and explained what had happened.She put an executive hold on Kahlua which prevented her from being either adopted or sent to death. I was renting and already had two cats which was the allowed number. I was being given time to see if I could adopt her.

I was overwhelmed when the resident manager said yes. He had just turned down another tenant with the same request. My mail box held a G.S.T. refund cheque and I could see all was falling in place for Kahlua. The universe was co-operating!!

Beakers, my eyeless Siamese, was thrilled to have someone he could speak Siamese with. Friend, my tabby girl was not thrilled. Beakers was hers and she did not appreciate this young disrespectful female coming into HER home.

Kahlua became quite the personality. She loved to run up the door frame of the bedroom door and hang from the top having a look around. I tended to eat sitting on the floor, and Birthday Partywatched with amusement as she would crawl into a paper bag and tear room for her feet to be able to walk. The bag would then sneak up on my meal only to be disappointed by my picking the dish up. Cupboards were to be opened, closets explored. Nothing was safe from this intelligent being. Tupperware was easily pulled open and the insides sampled.

Kahlua had had a litter of kittens when she arrived at the shelter. She never recovered form their being taken away.She constantly shredded paper and made nests,Toys became kittens and were treated as such. Every night she bathed her kittens thoroughly and put them to bed in the nest.My friend Natalia was a cat behaviorist and she became fascinated by Kahlua.

Kahlua was also very obsessive. She would melt down emotionally if her food dish was not in the exact place every time. She counted her kittens and melted down if the number was not correct. As years passed she was able to release some of her obsessions.

Friend and Kahlua became good friends after Beakers passed. Friend was a very strong, secure personality who kept Kahlua safe emotionally. When Friend passed, Kahlua was devastated. Her world was shattered. Her health started to decline and I feared I would lose her as well .Blessing, my other cat, had bonded with a young female black cat I had adopted. Kahlua was on her own.

I had been feeding a young tabby I had named Social.He lived in my back yard and had a special air about him. One day he decided he wanted to join us and he walked into the house.My dear Kahlua Bear fell in love with him and decided to adopt him. I discovered he was brain injured and mentally still a kitten. He would remain a kitten for life .Kahlua became his Mama and devoted her life to his happiness..

Kahlua believed he was perfect. She became fiercely protective of him and would not tolerate his being upset by anyone or anything. I was charged by a growling Kahlua many times because she assumed I was responsible for him being upset. She patiently taught him how to play with new toys, groomed him and took care of all his emotional needs. Her world revolved around Social.

Kahlua also helped me teach reiki. She was very good at showing students the importance of watching body language. About how the receiver decides hand positions and length of time in each of those positions. It was the job of the reiki person to pay attention and respond appropriately. Not to make choices of their own. Her frown was her gentle warning. Miss or ignore the frown and you would get nipped, slapped ,yelled at or all 3.

My dear Kahlua Bear left peacefully on March 31, 2014 with the help of a home service Veternarian. My heart broke.I know she is still with us. She needs to know her Social is being cared for.I feel her energy around me. I will never forget her blue eyes, her chocolate mask,her frown,her dignity,her antics,her neurotic side or her love.My life was enhanced by Kahlua. Kahlua, my higher frequency being. My beautiful Siamese cross. My teacher.

Our love is eternal.

Kahlua Mack
September 1995 to March 31, 2014. 



I have an elderly friend named Lacey. She is a beautiful Buff colored American Cocker Spaniel. Lacey lives surrounded by love and comfort. She loves her person and is in no hurry to leave.  Lacey turned 15 last fall and is purposefully moving towards her 16 year birthday. I cherishLacey this dog. I have been fortunate to know her for many years.

I met Lacey back in 1997, when I went to share reiki with her brother Hiram. Lacey was young and bright eyed then. Tons of energy. Her brother had some issues but Lacey was great other than some hormonal aggression which was dealt with later through a spay operation. I did not get to know Lacey through those visits as my focus was Hiram. I did get to know more about her through pet sitting though. Trust me, that is when the secrets come out.

Lacey's person had gone travelling and I was caring for both Lacey's immediate family and her extended family. I was taking care of the home of a whole bunch of cocker spaniels! I had seen all the dogs playing together before and wrongfully assumed that I could put the two dog packs together without a problem. I am a cat person. Yes, I had taken care of dogs--with great success. I had never taken care of a large group made up of two separate packs before. Yes, they were good when their people were around. But They Knew I was a cat person. They knew I was in over my head.

Music was the alpha in the main pack. No one messed with Music. Elizabeth [Lacey's mom] was alpha of the small pack. We were having a pleasant time in the dog room. Dogs all over the place playing, enjoying and then that sound came. That sound of a young dog foolishly mouthing off to an alpha dog. Yes, dear sweet Lacey was mouthing off to Music. Everyone stopped. The males ran to the other side of the room. I should have known this was not good. Lacey mouthed off again and Music JUMPED her. Then Elisabeth jumped Music and then the other girls jumped in. The males hid. Adrenalin kicked in and I recall grabbing dogs and throwing them through doors I then slammed shut. A miracle happened that night. No serious injuries. I myself did not even have a scratch. I did have an asthma attack once all was resolved and everyone was safe. But all in all the universe had smiled on me. Probably said "Poor Cat Person. We best help her. She may not survive emotionally if we do not".

I did a lot of reiki that night to treat the injuries that had happened. The Veterinarian was very impressed by what the reiki had done. Elizabeth had suffered a severe eye injury that had almost completely healed by morning. The Vet could see the evidence and gave the credit to the reiki. Lacey was fine. Her mother had taken the brunt.

Update:  Lacey has now been reunited with her mother Elizabeth (2008) having passed away 5 weeks short of her 17th birthday in 2012.





Brio is a beautiful black and tan cocker spaniel who lives with me and my cat family.