Reiki for Animals

Reiki is a Japanese term for Universal Life Energy. This is a vital force that flows in and around all living things. A Reiki Practitioner enables this energy to flow toward the animal or person receiving it, and the energy moves to the area that needs healing. In holistic terms 'healing" does not mean curing - rather, it relates to the concept of wholeness, balance and living to the fullest of one's potential.

Reiki is a gentle touch, and there is no manipulation of the physical body. The practiitoner places his/her hands on the body and connects with tuniversal healing centrehe flow of universal energy. Pets often where healing is needed and will shift their bodies until the hands are in the most useful spot.

Reiki helps an animal to release stress and maintain a sense of emotional and physical well being. It is valuable in supporting recovery from illness, injury surgery and trauma. Reiki lso helps moderate the discomfort from chronic pain and serious or terminal illnesses. It is also a powerful tool in comforting and assisting during pallitive care.

Reiki is not a substitute for Veterinary care and the practitioner does not diagnose or prescribe. However it can complement virtually any form of treatment the animal.

Pets can be our dearest companions and family members. They are loyal, affectionate and forgiving.